Amerika differenzierter sehen

Der kritische Journalist Carl Wilhelm Macke beschreibt in einem Wortbeitrag, wie das Programm des Amerika Haus dazu beitrug, seinen „ignoranten Anti-Amerikanismus“ durch ein differenzierteres Bild von den USA zu ersetzen.


2 Responses to “Amerika differenzierter sehen”

  1. 1 Ottenbacher 4. Februar 2013 um 18:38

    Understandably, perhaps, those who visited U.S. Information Centers also evaluated them quite positively. The overall impressions of most were excellent (23%), very good (45%), or good (29%); and many more thought Amerika Haus facilities to be improving (41%) rather than deteriorating (8%), with 38 per cent seeing no significant change. The focal point of visitors‘ interest was each center’s collection of books, mostly about the United States or activities of Americans.

    Ann J. Merrit, Richard L. Merrit, Public Opinion in Semisovereign Germany, The HICOG Surveys, 1949 – 1955, Urbana 1980, S. 40

  2. 2 Ottenbacher 12. April 2013 um 10:56

    „By their characteristic methods of propaganda, book-burning and banning of outside enlightenment, the Nazi overlords tried to install in the German mind an impression of cultural decadence and backwardness in America. To help eliminate these effects of Nazi cultural isolationism, the US Information Centers are letting the Germans see, read and examine wide selections of books, magazines and newspapers showing American literary, scientific and artistic achievements.“

    Weekly information bulletin, Nr. 55, August 1946, S. 11)

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