Save Amerika Haus – Unterstützung durch die American community

Larry Schulz, President American German Business Club Munich, schrieb an alle Amerikaner, die das Amerika Haus retten wollen:

Amerika Haus is an outstanding symbol of the joint German-American efforts that assured rapid German’s economic and democratic recovery after WWII. Founded in 1946, the Amerika Haus organizations have been resident in the impressive premises at Karolinenplatz 3 since 1957. In August of last year, the site owner, the State of Bavaria, decided to transfer use of the Amerika Haus to Acatech (Deutsche Akademie der Technikwissenschaften) by the end of 2013.

As there is another upcoming discussion in the Bavarian Landtag, you can still support efforts to encourage reversal of the decision by publicly showing your solidarity in your Facebook Timeline. Please go to and click on “Herz für das Amerika Haus.”

Furthermore, on that same page you will find links for sending a letter in German or English to Ministerpräsidenten Seehofer.


1 Response to “Save Amerika Haus – Unterstützung durch die American community”

  1. 1 Ottenbacher 1. November 2012 um 08:51

    Botschafter William C. Eacho spricht zur Wiedereröffnung des Wiener Amerikahauses :

    „We are proud of this institution, and we are proud that is located here in this beautiful building, in the center of a city so rich with culture, history, and stunning architecture.“

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